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Department of Painting

The Department of Painting offers training in creative drawing and painting where the students are encouraged to explore and develop their skills in various mediums like pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolours, oils, pastels and acrylic. Side by side, students are guided to sharpen their creative, expressive and conceptual skills, through a unique process of interaction, peer and supervisor critique and the sharing of ideas, queries and experiences. The theoretical inputs in art history and visual culture are integrated, as far as possible, with studio practice. Apart from acquiring sophisticated skills of self-expression, students are equipped with a heightened visual literacy, an independent and critical approach to visualizing, and a broad-based understanding of visual cultures and their historical contexts.

Career Options

Apart from the option of pursuing career as a practicing artist, students will be equipped to apply their artistic skills, powers of observation, creative thinking and visual literacy to various fields such as visualization, mural design, advertising, animation, multimedia art, art-education etc.