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Department of Sculpture

The term Sculpture is today employed in a wider and more inclusive sense. Besides skill development, the department of sculpture encourages practice in an expanded field of installation assemblage and the like. It embraces an abundance of material and methods. In general these methods fall in to categories of sculpting, mould making, joining, fixing and constructing. Apart from conventional material like stone, metal, wood and terracotta, endless man-made and industrial products are in practice. This reflects present culture, environment and global society in Contemporary Art. Students will gain an integrated understanding of sculpture language in a broad sense, in relation to architecture, landscape and indoor-outdoor nexus.

Career Options

Students will be able to develop environmental sculpture, architectural sculpture and be experts in head studies, model making, life study, murals, installation and site specific art work. Sculpture students are nowadays in high demand in the 3D Animation field and also have great prospects in the film world with opportunities in art and set direction.